How to Feel Confident in Whatever You Wear

Navigating through the racks of a shop can be as stressful as climbing a mountain in the dark.Yes, we totally get it—sometimes it’s like, where do we even begin?

As someone who has had many bad experiences, I can strongly relate to someone who is struggling to find not only their own personal style, but also, pieces that fit their body best.

Keep reading for these incredibly simple tips that anyone can follow to help you feel confident in whatever you wear.

Don’t Wear Something Just Because Your Friend Looks Great in It

We all have different body shapes and assets. In addition, there are colours and styles that look better on some of us than others.

Just because your bestie’s adorable pleated skirt fits her small waist doesn’t mean it’s going to do the same for you. And just because that V-neck top really makes you pop doesn’t mean it’s going to do the same for her. Even though you and your bestie are two peas in a pod, that doesn’t mean you must have the same style. Find out what works for you—and if that does mean emulating the same look as your bestie, then we’re all for it, as long as you feel your best in what you’re wear.

 Ignore Sizes, Pay Attention to Fit

There are plenty of people who have perfectly thin waists, but still wear a size L or 29-31 in pants because they’ve got a booty on them. Guess what? The world does not collapse depending on what size you wear.Just go up one size and prepare to look your best. If you wear something too small, you’re going to walk around all day trying to cover up the area of your body that feels too snug.

Now, that said, don’t underestimate how small you are either. If you think you can legitimately fit into a smaller size, go for it. The last thing you need is to look frumpy

 Always Accessorize

Accessories can brighten up the most simple of selections, but also complement an already-popping look. Whether it’s a pair of dangly earrings, a stack of rings, neck scarf or floppy hat, pairing every outfit with some kind of accessory is sure to add an extraordinary pop to an otherwise-ordinary look. Accessories are easy to wear, they provide a personal touch and they’re an excellent ice-breaker.


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